Slight Transition

As many of you may know, since I joined NetApp I have been working almost exclusively on solutions around Zimbra and Octopus (Horizon Data), in the End User Computing space, and the work is not yet complete. However, as I work to finish those initiatives, I am starting the transition to a new focus area: Cloud.

I am really excited about this change, as it brings me more in tune with my areas of interest, especially around automation, scaling, and elasticity. Expect to see my content shift from the End User Computing space and toward the Cloud space in the coming months.

VMware’s version of Cloud is very interesting to me, but I will need to ramp up my expertise to get up to speed on all the material in that ecosystem. My hope is that we’ll learn together through this blog and other forms of media… 

If there’s any content you’re interested in seeing, ping me or leave a comment below.

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