NetApp VSC 5.0 Beta – Request for Feedback


Boy, oh, boy. This has been the longest gap between posts since I started blogging back in 2010. I won’t make excuses, but instead state that I was “heads down” on some high priority stuff. I’ll share some of that with you as soon as it’s public. But for now, I have a plea for your participation…

For those readers out there who are NetApp customers, the VSC team needs your help.

The first phase of the VSC 5.0 Beta program – which highlights our brand new vSphere web client plugin – was kicked off a month ago. Since this is a major change in the VSC UI, we really, really want feedback, so I’m reaching out to see if some of you can do the test-driving and provide us feedback.

Go to:

The new VSC web client plugin is MUCH MORE than just a port. It provides:

  • Tighter integration with vCenter (No more VSC “tabs”; instead, VSC 5.0 has NetApp-specific portlets and columns right alongside VMware information)
  • Consolidated controller information
  • NetApp storage systems and backup jobs added to vCenter inventory
  • Streamlined VSC wizards following vCenter “style”
  • More right-click actions (on a host to set NetApp recommended settings or to install the NFS VAAI plugin, on a VM/datastore to add it to an existing backup job, and on a clone parent VM to redeploy clones)
  • Backup jobs/backups as related objects for VMs/datastores

The second phase of the VSC 5.0 Beta is targeted to be published in a few weeks, and will add policy-based Management:

  • VASA Provider for cDOT
  • Policy-based datastore provisioning

VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP

  • Policy-based datastore provisioning

If you have any feedback, please feel free to comment on this post or elsewhere on the NetApp Communities site. Happy ‘bug-hunting’ and I’ll see you back again here real soon!

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