File Sharing and Sync Platforms – Part II

As I was catching up on my weekly dose of TWiT, I was reminded to go back and revisit my series on file sharing and sync platforms from late last year. You see, TWiT had an ad for Citrix ShareFile and it served as a convenient reminder for a follow-up to my introduction on this topic.

End User Computing (EUC) is becoming an important topic for VMware. From View, to Mirage, to Horizon, and the announcement of the creation of the Horizon Suite place a huge emphasis on this line of products. The depth and breadth of these products is, of course, creating the need for all-inclusive and very detailed architectures around these solutions. It is when placing these solutions on top of NetApp storage that I get most excited.

In this post, I would like to share with you some unique capabilities and benefits that can be had by implementing the Horizon Data component on NetApp. This can serve as a teaser for what I’ll be presenting at my session at VMware PEX this year, as well.

#1 – Support more users in less storage space

This benefit is two-fold. Not only can you spend less on the actual physical disks required for implementation due to deduplication, compression, and a combination of Flash Cache and SATA, you will free up that CAPEX for the purchase of additional user licenses of Horizon Data allowing more of your users to enjoy the benefits of Horizon Data. More users equals greater productivity benefits.

Pretty cool! What storage vendor would say that? You guessed it… NetApp!

#2 – Provide data security immediately & efficiently

What good is sharing your files in an enterprise file sharing system unless they are as safe and secure as any files you would place on your company file server. With a combination of Horizon Data, and NetApp Snap Creator, you can create application-consistent backups of your Horizon user data with minimal administrative overhead, just like you would any application already supported by Snap Creator. Snap Creator leverages NetApp snapshot technology to provide quick point in time backups at both the VM and application level to protect you in case of failure. Because the backups are snapshot-based, they take up very little space and can be restored in a fraction of the time of traditional backups.

I will be sharing these and many more detailed and interesting tidbits in my session at PEX. Join me if you can, or stop by the booth and we can have a conversation around our efforts!

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