Top Virtualization Blogs – #33

I am very happy to announce that the vSamurai blog has improved from #39 to #33 on the list of top virtualization bloggers! I am grateful to all who voted and humbled by the response to my content here.

I would like to give a shout out to John Troyer, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and especially Eric Siebert for announcing the list via the latest vChat. Unfortunately, I didn’t crack the top 25, as did my colleagues Vaughn Stewart and Nick Howell, but hopefully I’ll continue to move up the list by delivering better and more valuable content.

I have been hosting an RSS feed of the top 50 bloggers on the right sidebar of my site for a while now. Continue to look for the latest posts from the top 50 bloggers there. It will be updated with the current list once Eric posts the update to his vLaunchpad page.

Thanks for reading!

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