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NetApp Insight 2012


It’s getting closer to that time of year, when NetApp’s partners, pre- and post-sales engineers, and other employees gather for our annual technical conference, Insight. Last year the conference was held about 2 months after I joined NetApp, so I didn’t have the opportunity to attend. This year is a different story. Not only will I be attending, but I’ll be co-presenting a technical session, with Cedric Courteix. Our topic is “Mobile File Sharing and Synchronization Solutions with VMware and Citrix“.

You can guess that since my focus is exclusively on VMware technologies that I will be speaking on NetApp’s integrations and best practices for Horizon Data (formerly Project Octopus). I am excited for the potential of an on-premise, enterprise-ready and secure replacement for Dropbox and other services like it. I am also excited for the exclusive integrations we’ll be showing for both solutions at the conference this year. These will have mutual benefits for our partners and customers when these solutions are deployed on NetApp and can leverage NetApp’s unique technologies.

Now, comes my ask for you…

If you are attending the conference (or even if you aren’t, but reading this) what kind of content would you like to see covered? What burning questions do you want to have answered? What do you need to hear from NetApp to persuade you to start implementing these solutions for your customers?

I will undoubtedly be presenting this material in a more detailed form at VMware PEX as well as potentially VMworld next year. I would like to shape the content with what my readers are looking to hear.

Looking forward to your feedback and seeing some of you at the conference next month!

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