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VMware vExpert 2013


I am pleased to annouce that I have been honored as a vExpert again, for 2013. This is my 3rd year with the program! Many thanks to John TroyerCorey Romero and the VMware Social Media & Community Team that helped determine the inductees this year.

The vExpert community is growing and so is the community of vExperts here at NetApp. I am pleased to annouce that my teammates, Chris GebhardtNick HowellJack McLeod and co-workers Vaughn StewartGabe LoweDavid Klem and Rob Waite also made the list this year, along with me. I can assure you that the 4 of us, and the rest of our team our honored to be part of this exclusive company.

That’s it for now!

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VMworld 2013 – Public Session Voting


The last few weeks have flown by for me. After returning from Japan to welcome warm weather here in North Carolina, now it would also seem the conference season is in full-swing! (creeps up on us every year).

A couple weeks ago, NetApp submitted abstracts for VMworld “Call for Papers”. Now the abstracts have been released for public session voting. I have two sessions in the mix this year:


Session 5400 will be lead by Chris Gebhardt, my colleague on the VMware TME team. I will co-present with him on the Horizon Workspace integrations with NetApp. Here is the abstract:

Horizon View Virtual desktop deployments have traditionally been the most difficult workloads for storage. In this session attendees will learn how seemingly insignificant design decisions can have a great impact on end-user experience and solution scalability. Attendees will learn how VMware Horizon View & Workspace storage integrations can help customers reduce the size, cost, and complexity of VMware Horizon environments. We will demonstrate how desktop administrators can take advantage of these technology integrations without changing their existing desktop management workflows. We will also cover common storage pitfalls, and how to avoid them; proper solution analysis, architecture and sizing, and design decisions.

Session 5501 will be lead by Mac Binesh, Director of Horizon Performance at VMware, with me as co-presenter. The abstract for that session is as follows:

This session will feature a technical deep dive into the architecture, deployment topologies and best practices for Horizon Workspace, from software to storage. Attendees will gain a better understanding of ways to deploy for best performance, data protection, efficiency and security. Attend this session to get a better understanding of the EUC solution and it’s enterprise file sharing capabilities as the preferred solution in the industry.

Go out there and vote today… let your voice be heard. See you all at VMworld!

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VMware Horizon Workspace on NetApp


If you have been following this blog anytime in the past 6 months or so, you have undoubtedly seen a fair number of posts around Project Octopus, Horizon Data, etc. in its various incarnations. I have also blogged extensively about Zimbra, upon which Horizon Workspace was partially based.

Well, the latest change to the name is Horizon Workspace. VMware (finally) officially announced details around the functionality and availability of the components of the Horizon Suite today, including Workspace.

Horizon Workspace, for those not familiar, is a solution aimed at the mobile workforce. A solution for helping enterprises deal with the influx of BYOD. This is an obvious break from the past, as we all know. It’s a way to combine access to Apps, Desktops and Data all from within a single “workspace”


Being part of a company supplying data storage to SMB and enterprise companies alike, NetApp is obviously very interested in technologies that utilize large amounts of data, and or shift data around in the datacenter to make it more viable to the business. Freeing the data for use by everyone in the organization in a way that encourages collaboration and ease of use is a huge enabler to business efficiency.

NetApp is also very conscious of the shift toward new protocols for sharing data, as well the need to store data in a secure fashion to maintain compliance standards (evidenced by the Iongrid acquisition). We can see the potential impact to protocols like CIFS/SMB and we will continue to be on the forefront of innovations in this space.

As a follow-on to the Horizon Workspace annoucement, we will be talking about our integrations with the product at VMware Partner Exchange next week. We will talk about the storage efficiency capabilities that deduplication and compression make possible, how NetApp is offering a unique backup and recovery solution (using NetApp Snap Creator) for Horizon deployments, as well as the non-disruptive operations afforded when deploying Horizon Workspace on top of NetApp’s Clustered ONTAP platform.

Please join me for session EUC1388: Sharing Enterprise Files Safely and Efficiently along with Mac Binesh from VMware on Wed. 2/27 from 11-noon. You’ll hear what we are working on to position NetApp as the preferred storage vendor upon which to deploy Horizon Workspace and the broader Horizon Suite. You can also visit the booth for demos of our combined capabilities or look for me around the show… I’ll be happy to fill you in on the exciting solutions we have in store!

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Predictions for 2013

Just wanted to share this infographic of 2013 storage predictions from our CTO & SVP, Jay Kidd.

I am particularly interested in the one entitled: “Enterprise Alternatives to Public Drop Boxes Will Gain Traction”




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VMware PEX – 2013 Edition

Well, it looks like the first conference of the new year for me will be VMware’s Partner Exchange in Las Vegas. I just got word yesterday evening that my breakout session was selected for this year’s edition of PEX. Earlier in 2012, I presented at the NetApp technical boot camp, so I am really happy to be participating again. That as my first official speaking engagement since joining NetApp.

The title of my session will be:

EUC1388: Sharing Enterprise Files Safely and Efficiently with Horizon Data and NetApp

In this session, I’ll be speaking about the joint value proposition of Horizon Data from VMware and NetApp.

Here is my session abstract:

“While there are many vendor choices for storage for your Horizon Data environment, when deployed on NetApp, enterprise file sharing can be both efficient and secure. In this session the audience will have an understanding of the collaborative work between NetApp and VMware around implementation, data protection, efficiency and scalability capabilities. The audience will come away with the knowledge that Horizon Data is the preferred enterprise file sharing solution in the industry, with NetApp as the preferred storage vendor.”

More to come as we get closer to the event! (PEX runs from February 23rd to 28th, 2013)

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