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Come Meet the vSamurai at VMworld


If you’ve been following me via this blog or elsewhere on this series of tubes, you may know that I have taken on more of a customer and partner facing role in the past couple of months. This has given me the opportunity to do more of what I love, which is getting people excited as well as evangelizing what Coho Data is all about. The storage marketplace today is very crowded, with more and more start-ups on the scene on what seems like a daily basis. It’s hard for me to catch up with all that’s going on, let alone the buyers of the technology themselves. It’s not going to get any easier, until some major/sudden consolidation happens, but that’s mere speculation…

I’m looking forward to talking with members of the VMware and virtualization community, customers, partners, and anyone else that finds their way to VMworld this year. Recalling back to about a year-and-a-half ago, when I was making the decision to leave NetApp to join a company that is truly innovating in the storage market, I saw the potential that Coho has to offer. Now, I feel that a lot of the promise is being realized. This will be our 2nd VMworld and we’ll be upgrading from Silver sponsor last year to Platinum sponsor this year! We’re doubling-down on VMware and I am truly excited about what we’ll be showing and talking about this year. I’m privileged to share the details with you as we get closer to the show…

Until then, if you’d like to set-up a meeting to talk with me or another one of our other experts, head on over here.

Or if you’d just like to sign-up for a chance to win a free pass to attend the show, click below:


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PEX Highlights

This was my 2nd straight year attending VMware Partner Exchange (PEX). Last year, this conference was the first I attended after joining NetApp, late in 2011. At that conference, I presented in the NetApp partner “boot camp”, but this year, I had the privilege to participate in a “breakout session”, co-presenting with VMware on Horizon Workspace & NetApp. 

The session was well attended and we provided some detailed information about system requirements, storage scenarios, and other useful information about implementing Horizon Workspace on NetApp as well as other reference architectures.

Here is a Speaker Deck of my presentation entitled: Sharing Enterprise Files Safely and Efficiently:

In addition to the session, I worked the NetApp booth where my colleagues and I had great conversations with partners and VMware alike. We discussed lots of ideas regarding how to better collaborate with VMware in the future as well as ways to spread the word about Clustered Data ONTAP.

Finally, the parties provided an informal atmosphere for furthering relationships with folks that I already know as well as developing relationships with new folks. At the vExpert/VCDX party, me and my colleague also had an opportunity to chat with Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, for a few minutes about NetApp and VMware’s partnership and the great things coming on the horizon.

The environment at PEX is very different from VMworld. It gives partners the ability to talk with our partners and VMware on a more personal level; something that’s very difficult to do at VMworld. It was great to participate again this year. It serves as a great way to kick-off the new year’s conference season and the content that I will present throughout the year builds off this show. 

Now we look forward to VMworld, Insight, and beyond!

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VMware PEX – 2013 Edition

Well, it looks like the first conference of the new year for me will be VMware’s Partner Exchange in Las Vegas. I just got word yesterday evening that my breakout session was selected for this year’s edition of PEX. Earlier in 2012, I presented at the NetApp technical boot camp, so I am really happy to be participating again. That as my first official speaking engagement since joining NetApp.

The title of my session will be:

EUC1388: Sharing Enterprise Files Safely and Efficiently with Horizon Data and NetApp

In this session, I’ll be speaking about the joint value proposition of Horizon Data from VMware and NetApp.

Here is my session abstract:

“While there are many vendor choices for storage for your Horizon Data environment, when deployed on NetApp, enterprise file sharing can be both efficient and secure. In this session the audience will have an understanding of the collaborative work between NetApp and VMware around implementation, data protection, efficiency and scalability capabilities. The audience will come away with the knowledge that Horizon Data is the preferred enterprise file sharing solution in the industry, with NetApp as the preferred storage vendor.”

More to come as we get closer to the event! (PEX runs from February 23rd to 28th, 2013)

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VMware Partner Exchange (PEX)

In my new role at NetApp, I am getting the opportunity to do many cool and interesting projects (goes without saying; NetApp is an awesome company!). My role so far consists of preparing technical reports concerning virtualized workloads on VMware vSphere and NetApp, giving technical input to product management, doing presentations in our EBC at RTP, etc; the list goes on…

VMware Partner Exchange (VMware’s annual partner conference) is a bit new for me. The conference takes place in Las Vegas from 2/11 – 2/16 this year. Not only will this be my first time in attendance, I will also be presenting a session during the NetApp “boot camp” on Monday, February 13th. I did a small presentation at VMworld last year, but this will be my 1st experience giving a full-length technical session on VMware and NetApp.

I am both anxious and excited about representing NetApp this year. I’ll be speaking about Virtualizing Business Critical (Tier 1) Apps and the technical caveats required while doing so, as well as why you should consider virtualizing those apps on NetApp storage. As this is a topic that is top of mind for both VMware and NetApp, I am sure the entire boot camp will be well attended by System Engineers and Partners alike.

As I am a big believer in social media and crowdsourcing, here is where I ask the question… What do you expect from a boot camp session around Virtualizing Tier 1 Apps?

I always like to involve my readers in the content I produce as much as possible and to be honest, I feel that technical presentations are more useful and the content more applicable to day-to-day interaction when I give you the information you are expecting to hear!

Please comment below with the pain points you are hearing when discussing the virtualizing of Tier 1 apps. Tell me what kind of pushback you are seeing from customers against virtualizing their Tier 1 apps. And of course share your experiences virtualizing Tier 1 apps so that I can learn from your experiences!

Thanks for your feedback! I will see a lot of you at the conference to be sure, so please drop by the session, booth or lab and introduce yourself… looking forward to it.

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