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Coho Data at the Tokyo VMware vForum


Those readers out there that know me personally, know that I lived in Japan for almost 7 years (nearly half of my IT career). I’ve blogged a fair bit in Japanese and about some of the events around the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami here & here. That said, Japan holds a special place in my heart. It’s always great to get back for a visit.

It’s been close to 3 years since I’ve last been back. I’m excited about visiting the far east to see what’s new and what’s changed in enterprise IT in the years since. I suspect that it’s virtually unrecognizable from when I lived there from 2004-2011.

In those days, VMware wasn’t used nearly as heavily in Japan as it is today. Not to mention the fact that Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery were merely an afterthought before the days of the 2011 earthquake, despite the fact that Japan is the #1 most seismically active country on the planet!

Add to this the fact that the storage market has changed tremendously in the years since then. There were really only 2 players in the market, EMC and NetApp, and none of the multitude of next-gen storage vendors vying for market share like there are today. Think about that for a minute; No Nimble Storage, No PureStorage, No SolidFire, No Tegile, No Tintri, No Coho Data, etc… along with too many more to name. The new guys are being disruptive and taking market share away from the old guard of EMC and NetApp. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, key use cases and varying costs, but one thing rings true: The next-gen storage vendors are innovating at a geometric rate that the legacy guys are struggling to catch up with!

These are just a couple of reasons why I am so excited for Coho Data to be a part of the vForum in Tokyo this year. I was an attendee for 2-3 years while I lived there, but I suspect a whole lot has changed since then, especially looking at things from the vendor point-of-view. I’m really looking forward to disrupting the storage market in Japan, much like we’re doing here in North America.



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Top Virtualization Blogs – 2015


The time has come again to vote for the Top VMware & Virtualization Blogs of 2015. I was in the middle of a transition to my current role at Coho Data during the voting in 2014, so I didn’t rank last year, but this blog has placed twice in the Top 50 before. I have been sharing quite a few details on Coho this year, so I hope that warrants a vote!

I think that I was steadier with the delivery of content this year, versus last year, by blogging more frequently and with shorter articles that I hope were valuable to the readers. I, of course, still like to do an involved, in-depth blog here and there. I continue to work on the cadence and quality of my content. Thanks for your continued readership!

I would also like to mention the blog of my colleague, Forbes Guthrie (vReference), who is on the list as well. You may have seen his posts in my Twitter feed as well as my front page RSS.

Thanks for your vote!

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Webinar: VMware vSphere Best Practices for Scale-Out Storage


Get ready for another installment in the Coho Data webinar series. This one will be with Forbes Guthrie and me, and detail the best practices for deploying vSphere on scale-out storage. This is the 2nd webinar I have been a part of since joining the company back at the end of March. I am really excited to shift the conversation from “Who is Coho Data?” to beginning to dig into the details of how Coho Datastream works, especially in the context of VMware and virtualization in general. If you’d like to sign-up for the webinar, you can do so here.

See you on the 29th!

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Top Virtualization Blogs – #33

I am very happy to announce that the vSamurai blog has improved from #39 to #33 on the list of top virtualization bloggers! I am grateful to all who voted and humbled by the response to my content here.

I would like to give a shout out to John Troyer, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and especially Eric Siebert for announcing the list via the latest vChat. Unfortunately, I didn’t crack the top 25, as did my colleagues Vaughn Stewart and Nick Howell, but hopefully I’ll continue to move up the list by delivering better and more valuable content.

I have been hosting an RSS feed of the top 50 bloggers on the right sidebar of my site for a while now. Continue to look for the latest posts from the top 50 bloggers there. It will be updated with the current list once Eric posts the update to his vLaunchpad page.

Thanks for reading!

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