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Top Virtualization Blogs – #33

I am very happy to announce that the vSamurai blog has improved from #39 to #33 on the list of top virtualization bloggers! I am grateful to all who voted and humbled by the response to my content here.

I would like to give a shout out to John Troyer, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and especially Eric Siebert for announcing the list via the latest vChat. Unfortunately, I didn’t crack the top 25, as did my colleagues Vaughn Stewart and Nick Howell, but hopefully I’ll continue to move up the list by delivering better and more valuable content.

I have been hosting an RSS feed of the top 50 bloggers on the right sidebar of my site for a while now. Continue to look for the latest posts from the top 50 bloggers there. It will be updated with the current list once Eric posts the update to his vLaunchpad page.

Thanks for reading!

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Top Virtualization Blogs – 2013


Well, the time has come again to vote for the Top VMware & Virtualization Blogs of 2013. I was lucky enough to be included last year, and this blog was fortunate enough to place in the Top 50 (#39, to be exact).

I think that I was steadier with the delivery of content this year, versus last year, by blogging more frequently and with shorter articles that I hope were valuable to the readers. I, of course, still like to do an involved, in-depth blog here and there. I continue to work on the cadence and quality of my content. Thanks for your continued readership!

I would also like to mention the blogs of my colleagues who are on the list as well. You may have seen their posts in my Twitter feed as well as my front page RSS:

Nick Howelldatacenterdude.com

Vaughn Stewartvirtuastorageguy.com

Some other bloggers that I personally find indispensable and would like to ask for your vote include the following:

Duncan Epping

Frank Denneman

Mike Laverick

Cormac Hogan

Stephen Foskett

Chris Wahl

Josh Atwell

Thanks for your vote!

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Top Virtualization Blogs – #39

I would like to thank all of my readers who voted in the annual top virtualization blogs poll. It initially took a while to get Eric Siebert to add me to the vLaunchPad (Thanks Eric!), but I used my influence as one of his fellow Tech Field Day delegates during Tech Field Day 5 to convince him to add me to the list. I’m glad I did because this is how I found out about a lot of the virtualization blogs I followed when I was just starting out. Eric has created a valuable resource in his site.

My blogging on virtualization started out slowly in 2010 a few months leading up to VMworld. Last year, especially with the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, my blogging started to pick up the pace a bit. Now I have lots of ideas for content, but I still have a ways to go.

I realize that the Top 25 virtualization blogs are recognized as the cream of the crop of bloggers in the virtualization community. These blogs are honored during an episode of vChat as well as a special section in the vLaunchPad. I am ecstatic that I made #39 on the list after only about 1.5y as a virtualization, cloud computing and storage blogger. I am looking to work my way up in the list this year as I get more content out that I find to be interesting for myself and others.

Thanks for your support and look out for more exciting content in the future!

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Top Virtualization Blogs – Cast Your Vote!


As many of you may know, Eric Siebert over at vSphere Land holds an annual vote to determine the top blogs in the world of virtualization. He then lists the “Top 25” blogs in a special section in his vLaunchpad which is a page where he links to all the blogs on his radar in the virtualization “sphere” (pun intended).

I am pleased to say that my blog as well as that of my colleague, Vaughn Stewart (The Virtual Storage Guy), are on the list of about 180 nominees for best of the best for this year. I hope that you will consider casting your vote for one or both of our blogs among others who are deserving of the honor to be listed as part of the top 25.

We rely on your feedback and feed off it when we are spending long hours writing and researching the content which helps our customers and partners succeed on VMware and NetApp. Voting for us helps us to up our games and continue or contribution to the community. Thanks for your current and continued support!

Get out there and vote! (Voting ends on Feb. 7th)

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