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NetApp at VMworld 2012 – Demos & Solutions


It’s time to talk about some of the demos & solutions we’ll be featuring in our booth and in the Hands On Labs at VMworld this year. I worked first-hand on developing the demos for VMware Zimbra & Octopus and had a blast doing so. We have other solutions in the area of Virtualizing Business Critical Applications that I was involved with as well, in addition to many others. I’d like to personally invite my readers to drop by the booth to see what new things NetApp has in-store! Stay tuned for more details leading up to August 26th.

See you at the show…

Oracle & SAP

See how SAP running on VMware can change the way you develop, test, and train with NetApp rapid backup, restore, and cloning technology. With NetApp’s integrated data protection and fast recovery, you can confidently virtualize your SAP applications, and turn a process that takes hours or days into one that takes minutes!

VMware Site Recovery Manager

In this demo we will show automated site failover and failback using VMware Site Recovery Manager and NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode.  The demo will also show how NetApp storage efficiency technologies can be leveraged to test site recovery plans without incurring additional storage overhead and without impact to the existing production environment.  See how NetApp delivers disaster resiliency and business continuity.

VMware View

In this demo, we will show VMware View 5.1 integration with NetApp Data ONTAP through the use of VMware Composer API Integration (VCAI) to create high-performance, storage-efficient clones that allow customers to gain the benefits of using View Composer automated pools.

Microsoft Exchange & SQL

We will demonstrate the key features of NetApp SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server and Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR).  The demonstration will include backups and restores (database and single mailbox).  In addition, using SMSQL we will create zero-storage-footprint database clones. Lastly we will demonstrate the integration of the SnapManager products into SnapCreator to perform all backups, restores, clones etc. from one pane.

NetApp Flash Accel

We will demonstrate how to implement the Flash Accel caching solution within the VMware vSphere infrastructure and leverage the intelligent, centralized management capabilities of VSC.  See how host-side caching can improve performance with applications, and learn about data durability, persistency and coherency considerations between host-side caching and FAS storage solutions.  Finally, discover how Flash Accel delivers host-side caching that improves the latency and I/O performance of Windows applications in VMware vSphere environments, providing greater storage efficiencies and ensuring that the right storage media is used at the right time for the right data.

VMware Zimbra & Octopus

In this demonstration, we will use NetApp storage efficiency technologies to decrease the overall solution cost for VMware Zimbra and Octopus environments. In addition to storage efficiency, we will demonstrate how NetApp uses application-aware backup, recovery, and DR technologies for Octopus and Zimbra to increase the speed of backup, recovery and disaster recovery.

VMware vCloud Director

In this demonstration, the attendee will learn how NetApp SnapCreator can enable individual tenant-based backup and recovery of a VMware vCloud Director environment in either a private cloud or service provider landscape.  In addition to backup and recovery, attendees will see how NetApp and VMware have integrated vCD and the NetApp Virtual Storage Console APIs for management and provisioning in a vCD environment to deliver greater business agility and movement to cloud architectures.

NetApp Insight Balance 4.1

OnCommand Balance 4.1 demo will highlight the new support for Cluster-Mode and physical NFS support for Solaris and Linux environments.  This brings the OnCommand Balance patented technology to a broader NetApp audience and builds on the improved analytics of 4.0 to go well beyond the virtual world.

NetApp Cluster-Mode

In this demonstration, we will highlight Data ONTAP running in Cluster-Mode and its ability to move workloads seamlessly between nodes within the storage cluster without disrupting data access.  We will also demonstrate how customers can simply add or remove cluster nodes to expand or refresh their storage infrastructure.  This is a compelling exhibition of NetApp’s delivery of an agile data infrastructure that allows businesses to go further, faster with high-performance, non-disruptive solutions.

NetApp Flash Pools

In this demonstration, we will show how NetApp Virtual Storage Tiering uses Flash Pool to enable automated storage tiering without the need to manually move data in and out of different tiers.  We will show how it improves the response time, increases IO performance, and provides storage efficiency to accelerate your business processes.

NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

In this demonstration, we will show how the NetApp Virtual Storage Console can be used to orchestrate common storage management tasks such as infrastructure optimization, virtual machine optimization, datastore provisioning, virtual machine cloning, and backup and restore of your virtual infrastructure.

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