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NetApp Content Pack for VMware vCenter Log Insight


Today I’d like to share the annoucement of NetApp’s Data ONTAP Content Pack for VMware vCenter Log Insight. As some of you may know, Log Insight offers the ability to automate log management using analytics, aggregation and search.

The NetApp Data ONTAP content pack allows users to take advantage of NetApp-specific metrics to provide insight into the performance and operations of your storage infrastructure. You’ll gain the ability to perform root cause analysis and troubleshoot your entire VMware environment on NetApp storage from a single interface.

The NetApp Data ONTAP Content Pack for VMware vCenter Log Insight provides the following:

  • A set of read-only dashboards
  • 15 pre-defined fields containing data extracted from clustered Data ONTAP logs
  • Several pre-defined queries
  • Alerts using the NetApp Event Management System (EMS), which is provided with Data ONTAP.

While VMware delivers a content pack for VMware-related information, the NetApp Content Pack is custom-designed by NetApp to provide information specific to NetApp. When used with Log Insight, the NetApp Content Pack provides monitoring and analysis of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP logs.

The NetApp Content Pack is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the VMware Solution Exchange here.


For more information on the NetApp Content Pack for vCenter Log Insight, click here.

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