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VMware Socialcast – vSamurai.com Community


As I listen to the VMware Communities Roundtable podcast that I missed this past week, I decided to experiment and create a Socialcast community for my blog. The service has recently become free for up to 50 users, so I figured I’d give it a shot in an informal test.

I currently use Socialcast within NetApp as well as in a couple VMware communities of which I am a member. It’s a valuable tool for social interaction and I would like to see how I can leverage it to encourage more interaction in/around my blog.

Since I am running my own Zimbra server as well, I would be more than willing to create you an account in my vsamurai.com domain (a requirement for Socialcast) so that you can be added as a Socialcast community member. You can even use it to try out Zimbra, if you like.

Check it out over here!

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