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vSoup Podcast & Tech Field Day 6

I had the pleasure, about a week ago, of recording an episode of the vSoup podcast along with a few of my distinguished peers in the virtualization world: Ed CzerwinChris Dearden and Christian Mohn.

I mentioned the idea of lending my time after listening to a recent episode with my doppleganger (or doppelgangee?) Sean Clark. Sean and I were fellow delegates at one of the recent Tech Field Day events, and as it turns out the guys from vSoup and I will be delegates for the upcoming Tech Field Day 6 in Boston, focusing solely on virtualization companies and technologies.

We are all looking forward to the event. So please have a listen to the podcast and get warmed up for Tech Field Day – Boston, next month. This will undoubtedly be another “can’t miss” event for virtualization in 2011, leading up to the penultimate which is: VMworld 2011 – Las Vegas!

Listen Here!

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Tech Field Day 5: RFQ

Request For Questions

I just have a quick post for the final Friday before Tech Field Day 5 next week. I was thinking to myself about what questions I might have for the sponsors and formulating my list, but since this is my first time, I thought it might be worthwhile to ask my readers what questions they would like asked/answered. (Please respond in the comments section below).

I will compile these questions and submit them to the sponsors during the conference. If at all possible, I will try to get them answered on camera and then post the responses here with credit to the submitter.

Presenting Sponsors

Symantec, Data Robotics, Xangati, NetEx, Infoblox, HP


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Gonna Have a Field Day!


I am very excited to announce that I have been invited as a delegate for GestaltIT’s Tech Field Day 5 next month in San Jose. It will be great to get back to California to meet with some of the technology companies that I admire as well as some very smart individuals that I met at VMworld 2010 and follow on the various technology blogs. I think the mix of attendees will make this the best Tech Field Day thus far!

I know there has been at least one attendee from Asia (Australia specifically; shout out to@rodos), but I am hoping to get/give a unique perspective from/to the proceedings, being an expat working and living in Japan.

Japan’s IT Market

A lot of you may know about Japan’s cutting edge televisions, video games and anime, but when it comes to “business” technology, Japan is both a unique and stubborn market. There is the sense that a company will choose 1 technology vendor and go to them for ALL of their IT services and hardware/software, despite that there may be a better/cheaper foreign vendor out there, or even another vendor within Japan. Thus it is very hard to crack the Japanese market.

I think with the recent changes in the Japanese economy and the need for global outreach to sustain the aging population, things will change little by little. I am hoping to be a part of this change. I hope to help introduce more and more companies to the Japanese market and break the language barrier that exists between us. It’s only a matter of time till we reach critical mass!

Presenting Sponsors

Until I have had an opportunity to hear the presentations from the sponsors, I can only ask that you please check out the sites of the vendors that are schedule to present at this event. I am doing likewise, so I have a bit of background and understanding before I hear what they have to say.

*Look forward to more in-depth articles about the presenting companies following Tech Field Day, next month.

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